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Why You Need Social Security Attorneys

If you need Social Security Disability help and are unable to work, you do not have to give up your benefits just because you are unable to work. Social Security Disability insurance is a program designed to pay benefits to those who cannot work for a specific period of time due to certain medical conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. A qualified individual with a serious medical condition may be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits and is often referred to as SSDI. In some cases, individuals with Social Security Disability benefits may also qualify for Medicaid, which provides medical care similar to that offered through Social Security. Regardless of whether you are eligible for one or both of these programs, your case should be presented by a competent lawyer, preferably one who specializes in SSI disability cases.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Norfolk Social Security Attorneys

Social Security Attorneys is often referred to as attorneys who represent or work at a firm that deals with Social Security cases. Lawyers are familiar with all of the requirements needed to file your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits, and they can help you prepare the application and deal with any problems that may arise throughout the process. Filing an initial application for SSI disability does not ensure that you will be approved for benefits. You must still be in need of disability assistance and meet other criteria, such as a physical impairment that significantly limits your ability to earn a living. Many people falsely believe that their disability will be approved for them on their initial application, only to find that their application was denied later on. This is why it is often recommended that those who wish to apply for SSI disability receive legal advice from an experienced lawyer.

Your lawyer can help you fill out the appropriate forms, complete your application correctly, and also make sure that you have enough documentary evidence to support your disability claim. Once you file your initial application, it remains in the hands of the SSA to review it. If your claim for SSI disability is denied, then your lawyer can appeal the decision with the SSA through the appeals process. In most cases, the appeal process is handled by an administrative law judge (ALJ).