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Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Windows

Interior designers create living spaces that represent their clients’ lifestyles and preferences. Rather than showcasing a designer’s skills, a space (or an entire house) should be built to maximise the homeowner’s enjoyment. A great interior designer is one who can combine the two. More information Plantation Shutter Pros Inc

When it comes to recommending window treatments to customers, interior designers essentially have three choices.

the drapes

Curtains are potentially the most cost-effective window treatment available, depending on the content. Curtains, on the other hand, do not have the same level of control as blinds or shutters. While they are drawn closed for protection, they often block light and air; when they are flung open to let light and air into a space, they provide little privacy to the homeowner. Curtains also accumulate pollen, which can be harmful to infants and allergy sufferers.


Ordinary blinds, including plantation shutters, may be adjusted to let in as little or as much air and light as the homeowner desires without compromising privacy. However, they are not as well-made or as aesthetically appealing as this type of shutter. Because of the material used to make most common blinds, they have little in the way of energy savings.

Plantation shutters are louvres that are encased in a solid frame, making them more durable than traditional blinds. They have tilt-rods that enable homeowners to regulate how much light and air they let in (or keep out) without compromising privacy. They are also made of easy-to-clean materials (faux wood), making them an excellent option for busy homeowners.

Many interior designers choose plantation shutters because of their flexibility. They’re available in a range of neutral colours and can easily compliment and improve any d├ęcor without attracting too much attention to themselves. Because of their design, these shutters also help to keep temperatures consistent during the day, enhancing the security and enjoyment of homeowners.

Plantation shutters bring so much more to homeowners in terms of functionality and aesthetics than curtains or ordinary blinds. This is why interior designers are quick to recommend them for use in their clients’ homes. Plantation shutters can be more expensive up front, but interior designers know that because of their reliability and ease of maintenance, they are the most cost-effective option for their clients in the long run.