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What You Need To Know About Local Citations

Other websites that have listed your company are shown at the bottom of your Google Places page under the heading ‘More about this spot,’ which may include directory listings, news reports, and blogs. Citations are not something you can manually apply to your page; instead, Google crawls the web and adds them to your listing. You get a point when Google finds a citation or connection to your blog; you get this point even though the site does not connect directly to you. You can rank higher if you have more points. As a citation, Google recognises a combination of factors such as the company name, address, phone number, and many others. Click

Citations are a vote of confidence in your listing, so links from authoritative sites are worth more than links from less authoritative sites. For example, a link from your local chip shop’s website isn’t worth the same as a link from your local Chamber of Commerce. As a consequence, consistency takes priority over quantity. As a result, having citations improves your Google Places ranking and should be considered a vital part of your local SEO strategy.

So, as previously said, Google chooses which citations appear on your Google Places page, and you have no say in the matter, correct?

You can influence which sites have citations that Google can index by doing a few items. One strategy is to look at the competition and see which listings rank highly for your search words. Create a note about where they got their details from. Now go to those websites and see if you can get a citation there as well. This will aid, but how will you beat the competition if you’re just copying what they’re doing? You must go above and beyond the call of duty. Determine can local industry-relevant, authoritative websites are likely to connect to yours. Request a review or a listing on their website from the owner.

Another option is to contact industry-relevant customers or suppliers and ask them to include a summary or listing on their website. Use public relations to get articles and news published on local or national press pages, which Google considers to be trustworthy.