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What You Need To Know About Keystone Construction

What does it mean to employ a turnkey custom builder? A builder who oversees the entire residential building project from start to finish is referred to as a general contractor. So, once you turn the key in the front door, your design home project is over!Do you want to learn more? Visit Keystone Construction – Greer new home builders

This turnkey approach relieves the homeowner of tension and worry by enabling the contractor to complete all aspects of the home from beginning to end. When homeowners don’t partner with a turnkey contractor, they don’t know what they’re missing out on. A non-turnkey home builder can neglect crucial aspects of the construction process, such as lot clearing, obtaining permits, connecting utilities, and even paying subcontractors. A turn key builder also focuses on finishing the smaller specifics of the home construction process, such as landscaping with grass and plantings, fencing, connecting all appliances, and even cleaning your home once it’s finished.

It might seem unbelievable that a custom builder will not also be a turnkey builder, but this is not the case for the majority of them. What distinguishes good builders from poor builders, and non-turn key builders from turn key builders, is the opportunity to put all of the specifics of your custom home together. So, where do you look for a full-service custom builder? When you get builders to bid on your custom home designs, ask them detailed questions.

Here are some questions to ask to help you find the best custom builders:

Will you meet with me and the architect to discuss house plans?

Who will issue the building permits for my house?

Who is responsible for clearing and preparing my property for construction?

After the job is done, who is responsible for paying the subcontractors?

How much did you budget for landscaping? Would this include the installation of sod in the front and back yards?

Will you build a fence around my yard for me?

These basic questions will help you decide whether a contractor will be responsible for all aspects of your custom home construction. When I send you a residential construction quote for a new custom home or a home renovation project, you can rest assured that I will pay attention to every detail and include it in the cost. When looking for home builders, make sure the same holds true for you.