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Vascular Physician – Need to Know

A vascular physician is an orthopedic heart specialist who diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the cardiovascular system outside of the heart such as a diabetic patient’s blood vessels or arteries. Common problems associated with cardiovascular disease include deep vein thrombosis, varicose and spider veins, leg amputation, aorta occlusion, and thromboembolism. While these conditions are life threatening, preventing them involves preventing any unnecessary exertion on the heart. For this reason, a skilled and experienced vascular physician is necessary to manage these conditions and monitor the progress of the patient. Feel free to visit their website at Vascular Physician Near Me for more details.

A vascular surgeon is an orthopedic heart specialist who utilizes advanced surgical techniques to reconstruct and repair damaged vessels and allow circulation to return to normal functioning. This physician specializes in repairing valves; restoring a normal heart; repairing circulation to reduce the risk of stroke and coronary artery disease; and treating pacemaker-related problems, such as inadequate heart function or aorta occlusion. While some patients are treated purely for their heart problems, some are also treated because of other conditions such as varicose and spider veins.

These specialists perform a variety of minimally invasive techniques, many using traditional methods of wound care. These techniques may include the use of a stent; catheterization; balloon angioplasty; microsurgery; and surgical stripping. Other procedures such as microdiscectomy, vascular ultrasound, and catheterization also fall under the specialty of vascular physician. While these specialists not only perform major surgeries, they also monitor and treat patients who have a variety of different medical conditions, some of which are more common than others. These doctors specialize in treating patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.