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Types Of Drug Rehab Programs

Alternative Drug Rehab Programs cater to individuals who often need a different way to overcoming drug addiction. If the more traditional ways of treating addictions and mental disease simply do not meet individual needs or preferences, alternative programs like these could better suite them: Christian Rehab Centers: While other rehab programs try to find the cause and effect of the drug abuse in an individual, Christian rehab centers aim to treat the spirit of the problem and not the body. In traditional 12-step programs, it is not uncommon to find that those who have taken a higher power vow and those who have been spiritually abused will be uncomfortable with their recovery. But in a faith based program, recovering addicts would feel a sense of comfort and security as there is a higher power working to heal them and teach them the right path to follow. Some faith based drug treatment programs also use meditation and yoga to help individuals reclaim their sense of self and become spiritually aware. For more details click rehab programs.

Detoxification Treatment: Often individuals suffering from addictions undergo a detoxification process that helps flush out toxins from the body. Detoxification can take several forms and does not require that an individual go through the same type of program as other programs. These treatments could be used to help an individual recover from a rehab program, or to prevent relapse after a rehab program has already begun. Many of these detoxification programs take place in specialized facilities that hold the highest standards of health and safety for patients. There are many detoxification programs available for any type of addiction – alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc.

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