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Things To Know About Fair Oaks Wood Cleaning

Its name implies that it is a steam cleaner for floors. It’s a cleaning machine that uses steam to clean the floor. The soil and impure substances on the floor are melted by the steam. The molten dirt is then manually or with the aid of a vacuum extracted.Learn more by visiting Fair Oaks Wood Cleaning

The steam generated by a floor steam cleaner cleans the floor. The output temperature of modern machines can reach 386°F. Such a high temperature is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, such as tiled floors and walls, that can withstand such heat. Soft surfaces and liquids should be kept away from the machine’s output. Strong wood surfaces are frequently included in the category of hard surfaces. While not as durable as concrete or tiled floors, they can withstand the steam produced by a floor steam cleaner. There are, however, distinctions between hard wood and concrete surfaces. Strong wood cannot be cleaned in the same way as concrete can.  The following are some pointers for using a floor steam cleaner effectively on a hard wood floor.

Make a temperature check.

The output temperature of the steam cleaner system should be as high as possible for all standard hard surface cleaning activities. For hard wood cleaning, however, you don’t want a floor steam cleaner with a high temperature.

Don’t overexpose yourself.

When cleaning hard wood surfaces, it’s important not to overexpose the surface to the machine’s performance. Even if the machine’s output is restricted to a certain temperature, the machine’s output is sharp enough to damage paint or trigger other problems in the event of overexposure.

Technology that kills bacteria

Commercial floor steamer machines are well-known for their ability to sanitise and disinfect. Many harmful microorganisms can be found on wood surfaces. Some of these bacteria and fungi can also be heat tolerant in some cases. This is why, even when exposed to the high temperatures generated by commercial steam cleaners, they do not perish.

It is preferable to use portable steam cleaner devices that are fitted with antibacterial technology. Many independent lab studies have shown that such devices are capable of eradicating a wide range of disease-causing bacteria, including E. coli and listeria.