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The Skydiving Simulator – Find Out More

A New Kind Of Thrill: Virtual Skydiving
There are many ways to enjoy the thrills of skydiving, the majority of which include the use of an aircraft. The skydiving simulator is available for those who want to get a taste of this exciting sport without jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air. What exactly is it?
This safe and inexpensive indoor adventure may be just what some people are searching for. The skydiving simulator has increased in popularity since its modest beginnings as a vertical wind tunnel at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, to the point that there are facilities in nearly every state in the US, as well as in many countries around the world. Our website provides info about Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving.
Simulated Sky Diving’s Past
The first skydiving simulator was created and put to use right away for that reason. Engineers and scientists at Wright Patterson built a vertical wind tunnel in 1964, which was later used to train the Army Corps parachute team.
Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is credited with providing the public with a virtual skydiving facility (Las Vegas, 1982). In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, the same company opened a vertical wind tunnel facility. Thousands upon thousands of visitors have enjoyed and been entertained by these two skydiving simulators.
How Does It Work?
A vertical wind tunnel, which is used to model skydiving, is based on a very basic principle. Winds of up to 120 miles per hour are produced by massive fans and directed upward through a well-sealed tunnel. Individuals put on the traditional jumpsuit, goggles, and helmet before entering the tunnel’s core. The wind lifts the individual up into the air, giving them the feeling of flying. Since the wind speeds are close to those encountered when skydiving, the person feels a lot of the same physical sensations. Aside from certain weight limits, this activity is ideal for someone who is generally safe.
Due to the physical nature of the simulation, some guidance is needed. Instructions are provided to assist the person in maintaining proper body posture and to provide hand signals for communication between the student and the teacher. To participate in this one-of-a-kind experience, no advanced knowledge is needed. Since simulated skydiving is so common, there are facilities within driving distance of almost everyone. There’s always the skydiving simulator for those who don’t have the funds or the ability to really skydive from a plane. Give it a shot!