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One of the most common questions new pool owners have is what the function of swimming pool chemicals is. They will want to know what sorts of things these chemicals are used for on a daily basis, as well as the normal questions about how long the tasks should be done and how much of one form of chemical should be used and how often. I will do my utmost to respond to these questions in a straightforward and informative manner.What are the advantages of using swimming pool additives in my pool water? swimming pool chemicals and supplies Marengo is one of the authority sites on this topic.


Your pool water would naturally become polluted with numerous bacteria, transforming your sterile, fresh water into disgusting water in a matter of hours. Do not be shocked if your pool gets polluted with algae or anything similar; this is very natural and simple to deal with. Your pool water would be safe and fun to swim in once again if you use the right pool cleaning materials and take good care of them.

What types of algae are likely to infect my pool?

Algae is the most common species of bacteria to naturally infest the water, but there are several different types of algae, each with their own set of characteristics that can be used to identify the organism and, of course, the best course of action for swift and full elimination.

Green algae is the most commonly seen form of algae, which can be seen swimming between the pool’s centre areas and clinging to the internal structure that makes up the pool’s solid body. Another type is black algae, which is mistakenly called and misleading since it is simply a blue-green colour. This breed just continues to form within the pool’s cracks and contours, and it can be difficult to peel or scoop out.

The mustard algae is the third most common algae type, which many people confuse for soil.

The easiest way to get rid of algae is to have the water tested and balanced, then buy chlorine salts to neutralise and eliminate the vile bacteria. After finishing the above activities, it’s time to buy algae killer, which will remove our tiny green problem and restore the pool’s settings to a bright blue colour.

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