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Save Money on Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Heating and air conditioning bills are at an all-time high during the winter and summer seasons. With winter settling in across the world, now is the time for people to make their homes more energy efficient in order to save money on heating. Although older homes are less effective at holding warm air inside, there are a few tricks that can help minimise the amount of air that escapes. Get the facts about True Blue Heat and Air
Air appears to leak easily in and out of windows in older buildings. This is due to the fact that older homes had single pane windows rather than the typical double pane windows seen in newer homes. Since single-pane windows are such weak insulators, it’s difficult to keep air trapped within. Purchasing drapes that are specifically designed to block air leakage from the window is one solution to this issue. Taping large sheets of plastic to the inside of the window sill is a more cost-effective alternative. This will help to keep the cold air from entering the building.
In older households, doors are also a big issue. Many older doors are not only made of thin wood, but they are also poorly installed, allowing air to pass through small gaps. Heating and air conditioning bills in Colorado Springs can skyrocket as a result of this. Installing sealing tape around the door frames is a perfect solution for this. This would result in a closer fit between the door and the door frame, potentially preventing air leakage.