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Claim for serious injuries by slip and fall

A slip and fall accident is an injury caused where a individual falls, drops, basically when an individual reaches the ground or floor by some means whatsoever. This often happens due to an uneven floor surface, a rip or tear in a carpet, a loose and wrinkled door mat, or a wet slippery surface due to mopping or some liquid has leaked onto the floor, such as a water cooler or water fountain. Often in a court of law, the property owner is held liable for the injury and made to pay compensation to the injured party. There are also cases under which the purchaser of the land is not responsible. This instance might be where a building is leased and the lessee (the property owner) would be held liable, rather than the lessor.You can get additional information at San Antonio Car Accident Attorney.

The Correct Portrayal

If in one of these cases you are injured and first seek medical attention, and then worry about legal advice. Unfortunately, individuals who want to have an quick payout are also causing such incidents. It leaves life all the more daunting for the genuinely wounded to seek the insurance they need which in the case of a severe incident will result in high hospital bills. Because of this, if you are seeking legal representation, make sure you secure an experienced lawyer’s services for those cases and not just a personal injury lawyer.

If the damage suffered just takes you off your feet for a day or two, the attempt to prosecute a claim will not be viable because you are simply pursuing money to pay hospital costs, sadly, most attorneys do not investigate a complaint because it is actually lucrative and so you may remain left with an emergency room bill.

Compelling arguments

However, if the damage suffered is serious, keeping you from functioning for an prolonged period of time, or can cause you to change occupations, you might have a severe situation. Slip and fall accidents may vary from a easy, minor bruise to brain injury from hitting your head, or even death! In a event of death from a fall, insurance from the fall can be given to the victim’s relatives.

That was mostly in the private sector, in the industry, the bulk of industrial injuries made up falls, trips and fallings. Second, accidents, slips , trips and falls in motor vehicles alone account for 15 per cent of accidental death. Every year in the United States , approximately 540,000 slip and fall injuries require medical attention, accounting for approximately 300,000 disabled injuries as well as annually. An astounding 55 people die everyday from incidents of slip and fall!

Number 1 At job, cause of death

Slip and fall is the number one cause of domestic injury and kills more workers annually than any other workplace injury combined! It is the number one accident on flat-level surfaces in restaurants , hotels and other public buildings and 70 percent of those occur. It is the number one cause of death in the workforce which also accounts for 57 per cent of injured worker deaths which constitutes 30 per cent of all recorded incidents. Workers’ insurance settlements over these accidents amount to $1.8 billion per annum, comprising 40 percent of the workers ‘ compensation expenses received. Hey, watch out for your step.

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