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Practical Solutions of the Precious Metals Reclamation

When I first started in the recycling industry, I was unemployed and travelling about, so I had lots of opportunities to see the sort of areas that people only pass through on their way to somewhere else out here in the West. I used to take road trips every two weeks or so, and I’d be gone for three to four days at a time, so I’d take advantage of the downtime and visit these small villages. There, I would contact the local dentist, who would generally provide me with satisfactory (and profitable) outcomes.Do you want to learn more? Visit Precious Metals Reclamation

Remember, due to increased metal prices, there was a LOT MORE competition for scrap a few years ago. Many of the big refineries on both coasts were dispatching “professional buyers,” which was exactly what I was doing in the film industry. Obviously, having someone on a salary and travelling full-time was an expensive proposition – the overhead costs are enormous. Because no one can afford to hire workers to do this now, this firm has almost no competition.

Nonetheless, I came to a halt in a small Montana town one day. When I told the town dentist that I paid CASH for discarded gold and amalgam, he gave me a warm welcome. He took a box from a drawer that was FULL of gleaming yellow gold. He was quite thrilled with my (albeit modest) CASH offer because I had no competition and he was clearly hesitant to package his trash and risk mailing it to a refiner (apart from the tax issues of obtaining a hefty check for it).

Lessons One and Two: I have yet to come across an effective “professional buyer” of ANY junk. They are paid for results, which means they must buy in bulk, which means they must go where the largest and most numerous accounts are.