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Practical Solutions of the Innovative Actor’s Studio

In my experience working for both the BBC and ITV as a producer, director, and even running a TV channel, I’ve done a lot of full-time “staff” positions. (Granada Men and Motors, if you’re interested, and I gave Richard Hammond his first TV job for my sins!) But for the past ten years, I’ve been a full-time freelance voiceover, working from my home studio with only a few trips to London studios each month. I’ve never made so much money in my life for doing so little “work.” Innovative Actor’s Studio offers excellent info on this.
I’m completely self-employed and don’t use an agent, so I have to work on “Search Engine Optimization” of my websites on a regular basis, as well as email or phone possible new customers to build my client base; but, if you don’t want to do that, go the agency route. All of this will be done for a percentage of your charge. Both approaches are valid. It’s just that I prefer to have complete control over my success, but we’re all different, right?
There is a plethora of purposes for voiceovers, and there is honestly plenty of work for all types and ages of voices. Aside from the obvious TV and radio advertising, producing company marketing videos or museum narrations is a low-hanging fruit. It’s a fine art to seem enthusiastic about a grommet manufacturing company in Gdansk, even if it’s tedious to record and you have to seek up the occasional Polish word or term. There are also phone prompts for other organisations that need to be renewed on a regular basis, such as “your call IS vital to us…!” and so on.
Also, don’t forget about award show voiceovers, which you can either record or do live so you can improvise if a winner doesn’t show up… or when a winner teeters on the precipice of the stage.