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You can be sure of improved organisation, enhanced company efficiency, and customer satisfaction if you do it this way. You won’t have to think about your business’s archives with current and past cases overflowing because you’ll have devised a better way to deal with them. The programme offers a new style and form of managing your law firm that is both inexpensive and easy. Visit us on The Clark Law Office.

According to Webopedia, SaaS is a delivery mechanism that allows users to remotely access software and its functions through a Web-based service. Since SaaS pricing is based on a monthly charge, it enables businesses to access business features at a lower cost than paying for licenced software. In plain English, SaaS stands for “software as a service.” On the internet. A collaboration between management and technology. It offers everything from case management to file storage to legal assistance as a law firm. SaaS is the IT nirvana for lawyers. The beauty of this service is that it does not need any extra hardware, software licence costs are virtually removed, and it is far less expensive than hiring an in-house IT individual or company.

There are two types of SaaS: software that is installed on your computer and software that is hosted on the internet; in which case you have more hard drive space.

As wonderful as SaaS sounds, it has been met with scepticism and reservations. This isn’t completely false. We’re talking about law, one of the world’s most conservative professions (if not the world’s most conservative), where the concept of client confidentiality is sacred. The attorney is the keeper of the client’s secrets. What happens if a client’s file is compromised because the internet was not designed with information security in mind? There are open-ended questions that have yet to be resolved.