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Peptides in an Anti Aging Cream

An anti-aging cream promises to magically remove the signs of ageing and give you younger-looking skin if you use it. Do they, however, live up to their arguments, when many of the same claims are made about even more in-depth cosmetic procedures, such as surgery? Why have surgery if you can achieve the same results with a cream? Click more info here.

Pentapeptides are a popular ingredient in anti-aging creams. There are specific forms of amino acid chains that can communicate with other parts of the body. Many common skin care items contain these compounds. Do pentapeptides really work? There is no published research on their use on skin, so how effective are they?

Most of the research on these compounds is focused on wound healing and collagen development. Collagen is produced in fresh wounds, but it is also what keeps your skin firm, and it decreases as you get older. It is thought that applying these peptides to the skin in the form of a cream would aid in increased collagen development.

Experts believe that applying these creams will have certain benefits, but they are not nearly as active as what happens when a wound heals. While scientists are not yet ready to make the leap from wound healing to skin anti-aging, the mechanism of collagen development is right. There isn’t enough proof yet to make a firm claim about the anti-aging effects of peptides.