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Patriotism as Idolatry- An Analysis

The word patriotism is a word that unfortunately is seldom used in this modern day and age. This word derived more two centuries ago in the early 1700’s when America was in it’s earliest stages. The Merriam/Webster Dictionary describes the word patriotism as a noun, and it meaning is stated in the dictionary as; love for or devotion to one’s country. Feel free to visit their website at see here for more details.

A historical act of true patriotism was when Patrick Henry proclaimed his timeless cry “Give me liberty or give me death.” Henry was a true American patriot who faced losing freedom in his beloved America, while it fought against England’s rule in this new land. America was the hope for freedom and without reservation or fear Patrick Henry would rather be put to death then not live free in his beloved America.

Throughout the centuries patriotism remained strong in America as it’s people united with their commander in chief through America’s many trials and wars such as, the Civil War, the Spanish American war, World Wars I and World War II. During those difficult times in America all Americans banded together and stood strong in unity and in their love for their country. In those tough times and the many wars that were fought, many of our patriotic songs were written and sung with ones right hand over their heart. Some age old patriotic songs that were sung often by Americans for generations are; My Country ‘Tis of Thee, You’re A Grand Old Flag, God Bless America, and America the Beautiful. These heartfelt songs portray and tell a story of what patriotism is all about, and the words to the songs proclaim a deep love and devotion for America.

Patriotic songs were once popular and were often sung in schools, churches, and sporting events, they were a part of everyday life in America, until the mid 1960’s when they slowly and very gradually started to disappear from our society. It is on rare occasion in the year 2010 that one will hear or sing any of the patriotic songs listed above.

Proclaiming love for America, despite what the world says is patriotism. Standing with our troops in times of war, is patriotism. Looking out for the greater good of this nation and not ones own personal gain is patriotism. Being a unified nation and standing strong in unity against anything or anyone who threatens the freedoms that Americans have held dear since the birth of this great nation, is patriotism.

Somewhere over the last few decades patriotism seems to have disappeared from everyday lives of Americans. No longer do we start our day with the Pledge of Allegiance, or with patriotic songs. No longer do American start their day in their schools or at their jobs with prayer to bless this great nation. It seems as though Americans do not remember that it was with patriotism that our forefathers, our grandfathers, our fathers, our brothers and our sons have fought for and given their lives for freedoms sake, to keep America free.