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NYC Tree Removal Chronicles

Tree removal is an act of removing a tree that may have caused a public concern, be it a death in a local community or an intruder in a residential neighborhood. There are two general categories of trees that require removal; those native to the area and those introduced through human activity. The latter belong to a category of trees that have lived for more than 50 years or are at risk of dying or are not safe for habitation. Professional arborists perform this service for a fee; however, there are many individuals who choose to do the work themselves. Visit us on NYC Tree Removal.

The application of arboristic techniques such as felling, pruning, and trimming in arid environments is the primary function of tree removal services. Public parks, greenbelts, pathways, backyard and shrubbery vegetation are all in the line of duty for this service. This also includes tree removal for construction purposes; however, there are instances where people choose to remove the trees themselves for aesthetic reasons. When tree removal is needed due to a fire or flood, people who want to save the tree can hire arborists to take the stump away. They will also be able to provide information about the species of the tree, its characteristics, and how to care for it in the future.

Power lines are another reason why people need to hire arborists to remove a tree. Fall lightning storms and high-powered winds can damage power lines, causing people to lose power. It is important to never attempt to move a live power line on your own or without appropriate training for tree removal. If you were to cause a power line to malfunction, there is a chance that poles and other power lines might come down resulting in injuries and property damage. Therefore, never attempt to move a live power line or any other live electrical connection; contact a licensed arborist to do so safely.