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Nose Piercing – Description

Nose piercing, also known as a nose-jewel is actually the piercing of cartilage or skin that forms any portion of your nose, usually intended for the purpose of wearing jewelry, such as a nose-band or nose-jewel, to be worn on your face. There are actually two kinds of nose piercing: threaded and non-threaded. Nose jewelry that is threaded is made by fitting thin metal pieces with tiny holes, thus allowing the jewelry to be clamped or fastened on the nose. Threaded nose-bands tend to be looser in feel than non-threaded varieties. Location The place on your body where you will have the piercing done can make a difference in the type of nose ring that you want to wear. For example, nose rings that are meant to be worn on the outside of your mouth (for BPN or big nose piercing) may not fit well if they are placed too far away.

The same would also go for those that are intended to be worn on the inside of your mouth and therefore need to be placed closer to the tip of your nose. If you are thinking of getting a nose ring that is meant to be worn on the outside of your mouth, you may want to ask your doctor or piercer which areas are best for your type of piercing. For more details click NosePiercing

Bezel setting if you are planning to get a nose ring that is supposed to be worn on the outside of your mouth, then you may want to look into the bezel setting, which is a design that has two sides that are inclined at an angle so that when the sides are turned, the entire piece shifts into a U-shape, which is sort of like a heart shape when viewed from an angle. A good nose stud might have a three or even four bezel settings. There are also some bezel settings, which are actually circular. These studs are placed very close to the base of your nose, so that they don’t shift back and forth as much as other nose rings. The bezel setting is considered to be one of the most secure types of nose rings because it won’t shift back and forth all the time, but instead remains very secure and still looks very fashionable.

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