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Norcross Lawn Care- Steps to Take Before You Begin Planning Your Yard’s Landscaping

Lawn care is a process of caring for one of the most popular and aesthetically attractive places in your home, the yard. A beautiful lawn is a plowed area of earth-covered ground, usually planted with hardy shrubs and other durable landscape plants like clover that are maintained in a low height with a riding lawnmower and utilized for recreational and aesthetic purposes. Lawn care requires regular trimming, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing to maintain the health of the turf. In addition, the grass must be watered enough to stay green, and often times, the need for additional watering is necessary to keep certain types of grasses healthy. If you find yourself with a large multitude of these grasses on your property, it would be wise to hire a professional lawn care service. Feel free to visit their website at Norcross Lawn Care for more details.

When considering lawn care, the first thing to consider is the type of shrub or plants that will best compliment your yard’s soil characteristics, climate, and drainage. For instance, in the northern regions of the United States many gardeners turn to shrubs and plants that are known for being shade tolerant and able to tolerate drought. Trees and shrubs in the southern states, on the other hand, are more often shade tolerant but are more likely to need some sort of irrigation in the summer to avoid the loss of foliage on trees. Another factor to consider when choosing the shrubs and plants that will best compliment your lawn’s environment is the amount of sun that each plant will receive. Many types of shrubs and trees can withstand the direct rays of the sun, while certain shrubs and plants, such as rhododendrons and azaleas, need to have their branches trimmed and sprayed with sunscreen before they can be used around your home.

Other important factors to consider in your landscaping is your personal preference, your budget, your level of experience, and the needs of your family and pets. Additionally, the type of material you choose for the landscaping should have practical benefits as well as aesthetic ones. Wood is a great example because of its longevity, versatility, and ability to withstand pests and insects. Furthermore, wood is relatively inexpensive and is easy to maintain. Some homeowners may opt to use stone, metal, or concrete to create pathways, walkways, and plant beds, but these materials typically require professional landscaping installation or can be very expensive and difficult to maintain.