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Need To Know A Lot More Concerning About Silver Law Firm

If you’re curious if you should hire a criminal defence lawyer, the answer is unmistakably “yes.” Criminal defence counsel have the power to influence the outcome of a criminal prosecution or trial. Your criminal defence counsel will ensure that your interests are covered during the police investigation, will review the criminal justice system after charges have been filed, and will contest the government’s case at trial. Our website provides info about Silver Law Firm.

You do not know you need legal counsel until you are served with a summons or a warrant. It’s possible that law enforcement officers can complete their investigation without even speaking with you. And if law enforcement approached you, the police would not have told you of their plan to file charges. Lawyers are usually hired after criminal charges have been filed for these purposes.

If you receive notice that you are facing felony or misdemeanour charges, you can contact a criminal defence attorney right away. Criminal charges have the power to alter your life’s trajectory. Your criminal defence lawyer would be crucial in negotiating a fair plea bargain or securing a not guilty conviction at trial.

The job of your defence lawyer starts as soon as he is hired. You can be convicted and forced to post bail or stay in jail in certain cases. The arresting officer is expected to read you a declaration of your rights at the time of your arrest. You have the right to an attorney, and your lawyer should be available for all interrogations while you are in custody. Your lawyer might also be able to help you reduce your bail or secure your release through a pretrial monitoring programme.

Your counsel will seek discovery and review the facts after you have been released from prison and made your first appearance in court to assess your options. Your lawyer will attend pre-trial sessions and work out a deal with the prosecutor to get the charges dropped or reduced. If you can not enter a plea deal, your counsel will file related pretrial motions and prepare your case for trial.