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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana: History and Issues

Medical cannabis, is the cannabis and other cannabinoids that are prescribed frequently by doctors to their certain patients for their debilitating illnesses. The patient may suffer from a disease or condition that would benefit by the healing power of the cannabis plant and other powerful natural compounds. These powerful natural compounds are known as “cannabinoids” and the precise chemicals involved are Cannabinoids. There is not enough information available on the health risks associated with Medical cannabis and Cannabinoids at this time. However it should be noted that there has been some research that suggests the use of Medical cannabis may help to reduce the severity or treat symptoms of diseases such as Cancer and Glaucoma.Do you want to learn more? check it out

One of the ailments that can be helped with the use of Medical cannabis is that of nausea and chemotherapy. It has been reported that medical cannabis can help to reduce the nausea associated with chemotherapy as the properties of thc help to block nausea. Other ailments that have shown promise in using medical cannabis are that of seizures in children, AIDS and HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s Disease and many forms of epilepsy. It is important to mention that this is not an exhaustive list and other ailments that have been shown to benefit from the use of Medical cannabis and Cannabinoids include; migraines, appetite suppression, arthritis, menopause, and cancer.

The use of medical cannabis has been legalized in many states across the United States and Canada. Although most legal cannabis is obtained from the Canadian market, the sale of medical cannabis from the United States to medical marijuana users residing in Canada is considered to be an illegal federal offense. To date twenty-nine states plus the District of Columbia have legalized the medical use of cannabis. Some jurisdictions within the United States have legalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use. Many states within the U.S. have laws in effect that limit the amount of cannabis a person may possess or distribute, but it remains illegal to sell any cannabis.