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If you have a prorated or non-prorated warranty? Before you buy, make sure they tell you what there is to know about it. Find out more on how to get your warranty and what you’ll need to do to get it. When your bed has worn out and you know it’s time to replace it, keep in mind that you’ll still need to replace the box springs. According to some mattress shops, this is important because the springs help hold the bedding in good condition for longer because the two are designed to work together. They will also argue that it is critical due to fire issues. It’s possible that yours aren’t up to par. Have a look at Tempe Mattress Store.

Platform beds are becoming increasingly common in today’s world. Because of the way they’re designed, they don’t need a box spring. A box spring, according to mattress shops, is much more durable than the wood frames of the past. This may indicate that your platform bed isn’t properly supported. It’s all up to you.

It is important that you do everything possible to extend the life of your bedding. It’s also important to make every effort to remain relaxed while sleeping. It’s possible that buying a new box spring every time you buy a mattress will save you money in the long run by extending the life of your bed. The protection of buying new mattresses and placing them on old box springs is more critical than how long your bedding will last or how comfortable you will be. The danger is that the older ones do not meet flammability requirements, putting you at greater risk, even though your bedding does. It is also up to you if you have visited several mattress stores and have been advised to buy both bedding and box springs at each one.