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How To Fix A Concrete Crack In 3 Easy Steps

You do not know what supplies to buy when it’s time to patch small concrete cracks on your sidewalk or driveway. “There has to be a better solution,” you may have thought after seeing your neighbour use some sort of orange foam that looked awful. Don’t worry, my friend; there is a much superior solution. I still advise people to use a backer rod and self-leveling caulk. You may not understand what a self-leveling sealant is, but keep reading and we’ll show you how to repair concrete cracks and where to get the materials you need.
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The aim of this article is to demonstrate three simple methods for repairing concrete cracks in your driveway or sidewalk. Please continue reading to find out what I always advise people to do while repairing a concrete crack.
The first step is to choose the appropriate concrete crack repair filler. We recommend Novalink SL, a self-leveling caulk. This is necessary because if you don’t use a self-leveling caulk, the caulk will not flow down into the crack and form a permanent seal. You should avoid using foam crack filler because it is difficult to make a clean repair and the end result is unsightly. The first move is the most crucial to complete correctly. Many that do not use a self-leveling sealant would be dissatisfied with the outcome.

Cleaning the concrete crack is the next move. Avoid leaving debris, twigs, or leaves in the crack, and clean the concrete crack with a wire brush before applying caulking.
The third move is to make sure you have a backer rod in place before adding the self-leveling caulk. This is vital because if you don’t use a sponsor, you could end up using too much caulk to fill the gap.
Since self-leveling caulk flows, it will look for the crack’s lowest stage. If the crack is deep in the earth, you’ll need a lot of caulk. Make sure the caulking doesn’t go deeper than 1/4 to 1/2″ into the crack by using a backer rod.
Keep to the above three measures carefully. Those who follow my directions will be able to repair their sidewalk cracks quickly and easily, as well as impress their neighbours with their excellent concrete crack repair skills!