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How To Best Clean Your Gutters- Some Insights

With fall fast approaching it is time for the leaves to begin turning with all of their vibrant colors and beauty. But one thing isn’t so beautiful and that is a clogged gutter system caused by falling leaves. Not only is it a pain to clean out, but the long term damage a clogged rain gutter can create is substantial. So, why is gutter cleaning so important and just what is the damage it can cause if neglected? Here is a quick look.Do you want to learn more? Visit How To Best Clean Your Gutters

The main reason for cleaning gutters and making sure they allow rainwater to flow smoothly to the ground and away from your foundation is due to the damage that can occur to your home over time. This damage can include:

Foundation problems – Continued water leakage down the side of your home into your foundation will create cracks in the walls and leaks as well. In climates where the ground freezes and then expands constantly the problem can be even worse.
Mold problems – Mold is a huge issue today and this is yet another problem that clogged gutters can pose.
Siding problems – Water can cause wood siding to bow or become moldy over time.
In addition, excessive water can damage sidewalks, driveways, interior floors and in extreme cases it could even destroy the home.

What is causing water to overflow your rain gutter?

If you notice water spilling over the back of your rain gutter then it can be from debris in the gutter, or it could be due to the gutter hanging brackets sagging on the fascia boards. You may even notice that the brackets have fallen off which is causing the water to overflow.

If you see water coming over the front of the gutter then it is usually due to clogging from leaves, sticks, pine needles, roofing materials, etc.

As you can see, cleaning gutters is vitally important to the long term health of your home. Most home experts agree that you should clean your gutters in the Spring and late fall in most parts of the country. Depending on the number of trees that surround your home it may be even 3-4 times per year. Be sure you don’t neglect this important aspect and you’ll eliminate future problems before they can start.