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If a full periodontal assessment has been completed, everything is finished. If bone loss is discovered, treatment options/courses will undoubtedly change, and if left unchecked, the combination of gum decay and bone loss will result in tooth loss. This can happen even though there is no pain. This is the issue with this ailment. There is no pain!Visit us for great deals in My Dental Home, Dr. Kevin Brown & Associates.

For many people, it’s the dental treatment they do at home that becomes more difficult to maintain on a regular basis. What I’ve discovered is that if a patient is given a simple but reliable way to conduct home dental treatment, they would be more consistent and compliant. This continuity and enforcement lead to improved outcomes in both preventative and reactive treatment, allowing the patient to prioritise dental care even more.

There are a variety of instruments, gadgets, and machinery available to assist a patient with plaque removal on a regular basis (the number one maintenance concern). Electric toothbrushes (particularly those that are especially soft and mouth-friendly) perform significantly better than manual brushes in my experience, and this small change may make a big difference in the end result. Furthermore, it is important that the brush head be “warm.” Brushing with a soft brush head protects the gums from erosion (when the toothbrush wears the root of the tooth), resulting in less damage over time. In my practise, I see a lot of patients who only use oral irrigators and don’t bother to remove the plaque physically (brushing).

Consider going through a car wash without allowing the wash brushes to come into contact with the vehicle. What kind of car wash may that be? You can probably imagine how filthy the car would be after it had dried. Isn’t it true that the dirt will still be present? This is how plaque on your teeth stays consistent.