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Examples Of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be caused by a burst pipe, septic tank failing or a leaking roof or floor drain or the worst, a hurricane or tornado destroying your home or business property. It is important to salvage everything from the home and clean up the area until everything is safe again. A water damage restoration company will come in and salvage everything that is salvageable from your damaged home, usually with little to no cost.Learn more about this at Water Mold Fire Restoration of Tampa.

If you have a lot of water damage and mildew growth on carpet or any flooring, the moisture will stay in the carpet and mildew and the mold will grow on the wood framing and walls until it is dried out. A good water damage restoration company will dehumidify the damaged area and remove the excess moisture and dampness from the carpet, which should be removed before it has a chance to grow into mold. The mold spores that are growing will kill any existing carpet or padding and will make any existing wood or drywall vulnerable to further damage. They can break down any materials the homeowner has used to save the home including drywall or insulation. It is very important to remove all damaged carpeting and replace it with new drywall or padding.

Wetness will cause any existing carpets and padding to absorb moisture from the air. A good restoration process also includes drying the affected areas completely before moving on to the next area. There are many different methods of drying the affected areas, including fans, dehydrating, spraying, blow drying, etc., depending upon what type of damage needs to be addressed. If the damaged area has lead paint, it must be treated and removed for safety reasons.