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Divorce: Coping With The Family Law Process

The Feelings

For most people, divorce is a frightening, lonely, and misunderstood experience, particularly when children are involved. Mutual friends made during the marriage may not be of assistance because those people may not want to “take a hand.” Divorce forces you to perform an entirely new juggling act.Do you want to learn more? Visit Fresno Family Law Attorney

The Effect on Work Productivity

You must be aware of how the divorce process impacts your ability to perform at work. A typical day’s workload can cause you to feel overwhelmed on occasion. In such occasions, you may want to assign work based on your capabilities.

You may become unusually testy and acerbic to friends and colleagues, as well as uncommunicative, depressed, and distracted. You should continue to be aware of these personality and mood changes and work with a psychologist to address them. At times, this can include momentarily changing project roles or rearranging tasks before you reach a state of calm. In other days, no matter how light the workload, you can be unable to cope with the office or home atmosphere at all. When this happens, it’s a good idea to ask for a quick personal leave. If you cannot improve your behaviour and interactions by temporary adjustments, you can need to pursue professional therapy during this stressful time.

Remember that when going through a divorce, you would have several demands on your time, such as meetings with an attorney, accountant, and psychologist, probably finding a new home (and furnishing it), and opening new lines of credit. Plan ahead of time for these contingencies by asking the boss for assignments with no strict deadlines. Other options include flexible working arrangements such as job-sharing or the ability to compensate for missed time by working in the evenings or on weekends.

You should not be treated as a mental cripple by anyone. You are probably now feeling helpless and powerless over your life. The employer can intensify those feelings by being overprotective and protecting you from the everyday realities of the workplace, or by interfering with fellow employees or clients. During this tough time, work can be the only place you can find a sense of self-worth and personal power.