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Dental School Graduates Should Be Aware Of The Role Of A Dentist

A dentist, also referred to as a dental specialist, is a specialized medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral conditions and diseases. The dentist’s medical support team helps in providing dental health services to patients. The services that a dentist provides can either be performed in the dentist office or at a dental facility that is not attached to the dentist’s office. These dental facilities include orthodontic clinics, dental laboratories, and implant locations. Most dental specialists offer treatment such as cosmetic dentistry; however some perform reconstructive surgery as well.Visit dentist Applecross for more details.

The job of a dentist is to ensure that a patient’s oral health is maintained by screening for any diseases and improving the patient’s oral hygiene by providing preventative care. The dentist may refer a patient to an internal medicine specialist if the initial exam indicates a possible mouth cancer. A good dentist should be able to take a history, take x-rays, take dental x-rays and complete laboratory examinations. They should also be able to diagnose a problem and provide treatments. Dentists should be able to judge the severity of a toothache and initiate treatment if the pain worsens.

Oral surgeons are also involved in the field of diagnosing certain problems associated with toothaches, such as periodontal disease. In this case, it is important for a dentist to assess whether the condition constitutes an emergency, which requires further dental treatment. A dentist needs to be familiar with procedures such as radiography, suturing and filling crowns.

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