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Dead Bolts For Your Exterior Locks

Introduction Historically, the locking system used in homes and commercial buildings has been that of a dead-bolt lock, which was an effective but annoyingly slow-moving security measure. Arlington dead bolts
were often used in conjunction with dead locks, meaning that a knob or a slide were used to activate the dead-bolt by striking it against the door frame or sliding door. This style of locking was commonly used in houses or places of business where there were a high number of possible intruders or burglars. There are numerous theories as to why this type of lock was commonly used – most likely, its slow-reacting nature provided some degree of protection for householders and establishment owners against unauthorized entry, but it also tended to be somewhat of a nuisance as trying to open a heavily secured door using a dead-bolt was often very difficult.

In the late 19th century, advancements in the manufacturing industry meant that dead bolts could now be produced in a variety of materials. One of the most popular types of dead bolts at the time was a metal plate called a lock set. Another type of locking device was the lock set, which had a series of flat or curved slits on its surface that fit tightly against the door edge. The dead-bolts in these lock sets could be manually adjusted by turning a handle on the side or back of the frame. This style of dead-bolt was often complemented, sometimes with a dead-bolt knob, by a dead-bolt stem, which fit into a pilot hole drilled into the door edge.

Over the years, other styles have become popular as well, including stem-set dead-bolts, cylinder lockers, and pneumatic cylinder lockers. A cylinder lock is similar to a lock set; however, unlike a lock set, cylinder locks are operated with a manual lever. Pneumatic cylinder lockers are comparable to dead bolts, but they use air pressure rather than a spring. Spring-loaded locksets, on the other hand, require a spring that can be forcefully pressed against the door’s edge in order to open it. Regardless of the lock chosen, dead bolts are a good idea for securing all exterior locks.