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So, if it takes 6 months to construct a house, the borrower must wait 6 months before making repayments. The maximum duration of grace on a VA home loan is 12 months, so there is a limit on how long you can wait. Although getting the exact home you want is an excellent advantage, funding home construction can be a challenge. If you’re working with a custom contractor, you’ll be required to take out a “construction loan.” This is the loan that is used to pay the contractor when they are working on your house. Construction loans are typically short-term loans at a higher interest rate than a standard mortgage. Feel free to visit their website at Duke Homes for more details.

This does not apply to you if you’re buying a starter house, luckily. Builders of “starter homes” recognise that many of their prospective customers will not be able to qualify for a high-interest construction loan, nor will they understand or think about the difference between a short-term and a long-term loan. As a result, entry-level homes are often built by the builder, or the builder simply builds the homes out of pocket, taking care of the lot as well as all of the house’s construction costs. If this is the case with your builder, a conventional loan is all you’ll need.

If you do need home building financing, shopping around for the best rates and lenders to work with is a good idea. You’ll want to pay off the construction loan as soon as possible because construction loans have a higher interest rate than traditional home loans.

Some banks will sell you a “combination c and p” loan that includes only one collection of closing costs. This combines a construction loan and a traditional mortgage loan into one package. In the long run, a combined C&P loan would save you time and effort.