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Child Therapy

Child Therapy Chronicles

The decision to put a child through child therapy is not one most parents make easily. It is often an agonizing decision that has been led up to by a series of intense challenges in dealing with their child’s emotional health. Many parents wish to just deal with these issues within the family, with the idea that family should be at the front lines of dealing with any and all issued related to the children. For many families this ends up working just fine, but for others they begin to feel worn down by the challenge, and so seek child therapy as their solution. Have a look at Child Therapy.

Therapy with children often has a focus on issues that are taking place at school, or between siblings. This makes sense since kids tend to see one another as peers, and so it follows that there is a special kind of pressure or stress that goes along with such social relationships. This can be in the playground, the cafeteria, or in the home. So, one of the areas that child therapy can help is in fostering healthier reactions to social situations either with peers at school, or with other siblings. The process will seek solution based approaches to dealing with conflict and emotion, as opposed to reaction based responses from the child. In other words, counseling with adolescents often seeks to get them taking a moment to breathe and think. It can help the child focus his or her mind.

One of the important elements to successful child therapy is to make sure that the child and the therapist are a good fit. This can be pretty easy to discern. If the child’s actions do not improve, then it may be time to look for another therapist. This relationship between child and therapist is going to be paramount to the overall improvement of the problem behavior. This is really an issue of common sense, as any adult knows that they will be more likely to confide in people that they trust. Therefore, it is the goal of therapy with children to make that connection of friendship and trust, so that the child can begin opening up to the therapist in constructive ways.

One type of therapy that many child therapists use is play therapy. This can not only be a great way to establish trust between therapist and child, but it can create a space in which the child is willing to deal with their issues through play. Adults might be able to relate to this in terms of talking through issues in order to deal with them. Instead of talking, the child can channel emotional problems through playing. This allows the child to use his or her imagination and creativity by creating different scenarios with the toys that can represent their fears, stresses, or worries.