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Practical Solutions of the Innovative Actor’s Studio

In my experience working for both the BBC and ITV as a producer, director, and even running a TV channel, I’ve done a lot of full-time “staff” positions. (Granada Men and Motors, if you’re interested, and I gave Richard Hammond… Continue Reading…

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Ever Think About Taking Intensive Summer Acting Classes

I now understand the difference between taking classes one at a time and fully immersing myself in my favourite art for six weeks of eating, sleeping, and breathing acting. hop over to this site I had a vague idea of… Continue Reading…

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The Skydiving Simulator – Find Out More

A New Kind Of Thrill: Virtual Skydiving There are many ways to enjoy the thrills of skydiving, the majority of which include the use of an aircraft. The skydiving simulator is available for those who want to get a taste… Continue Reading…