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Bathroom Cabinet Makers: Choosing Your Style

Every furniture maker has their own design style. Bathroom cabinet builders are in the same boat. Learn about the various types available so that you can choose the one that is most appropriate for you.
Spare furniture with straight lines and little or no ornamentation is inspired by the northern climes of Scandinavia. The architecture takes a backseat to the materials. The French Provincial style is the polar opposite. Since it will all be coated in colour, any wood can be used. Landscapes or portraits are painted on flat surfaces, with gold leaf applied to the edges and corners. Cabinet maker is an excellent resource for this.

Since they had to make do with the raw materials available in the forests around them, the Early American Colonists used joinery and steam bent woods instead of nails. They used a variety of woods that doubled as food producers, including cherry and walnut, as well as other deciduous hard woods.
Rustic or Log Cabin type, for example, prioritises the natural condition of the wood used above all others. For example, one edge of a table is left unfinished, revealing the wood’s natural contours and rough edge. It’s really practical, and it’s made of plains trees like oak, cedar, fir, and spruce.
Mission Design tends to be very heavy due to its thick lines and smooth oak panels. The hardware used adds to the atmosphere. It’s made of black iron and is very heavy and dark.
Oriental, or Asian, architecture comes from the east. The materials are mostly bamboo or rattan, which are both highly sustainable. The most common colour is red, which is thought to bring good luck, and landscapes are often painted on flat surfaces.
Shaker furniture is all about functionality and aesthetics. This style, which originated in America’s egalitarian religious communities, is more concerned with serving the community than with satisfying the artist’s desires. It is both functional and reliable.