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All About Tacoma Faux Wood Blinds

First, most people’s opinions on fake wood blinds vs. real wood blinds seem to fall into one of two camps: the demanding atmosphere argument or the value vs. validity tradeoff argument. Here’s how the two arguments compare and contrast, accompanied by a less analytical viewpoint. Visit us on Tacoma Faux Wood Blinds.

If the blinds will be used in a high-use setting, the idea is that humidity, rough handling, or conditions that require more regular cleaning (such as a kitchen) will harm real wood and will be better suited to a sturdy, synthetic material like vinyl or a combination of wood and other plastics, which are the most common materials for fake wood blinds. Real wood retains moisture and expands and contracts as the humidity level decreases. This, combined with direct sunlight through non-UV-blocking windows, can result in warping, cracking, and other wear that all wood and natural materials experience. Stains are also absorbed more readily in porous materials, necessitating more frequent washing, which is less effective on porous materials and also difficult on wood. In a nutshell, the reason is the same as for vinyl seats in a car with toddlers: it would last longer.

The tradeoff statement suggests that real wood is better, but fake wood is more functional, appealing to your left-brain logic and ‘practical’ hand, which enjoys finding a smart balance. This is the logical voice in your head that wants to mediate between the opulent you and the frugal you. Faux wood blinds are less costly than real wood, more durable, and much more luxurious than plain vinyl blinds, according to the tradeoff statement.

I’d argue that the blinds that you are most attracted to are the ones that will suit you best. You were probably hoping for data to back up your decision to validate your fine Swiss watch (real wood blinds) or affirm the worth of your cheap digital watch (faux wood blinds) when you started reading this post. Data such as fake wood that appears to be very real, or real material that is warm, comfortable, and undeniably natural. In any case, you most likely already had one of the two choices in mind and were searching for a back-up. Is that correct? If you’re installing blinds in the kitchen or just can’t afford the real thing, even from a low-cost online retailer, the fake wood vs. real wood blinds debate isn’t really a debate. You can purchase the items that you know you want.