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Acting Headshot Basics

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know what an acting headshot is, so much of this information won’t apply to you. But, if you’re brand new to the industry or are in high school and thinking about pursuing a career as an actor, this article is for you.

A headshot is an 8 x 10 photograph of yourself; think of it as an actor’s business cards. Since you must carry one with you at all times, it is not uncommon to see a cluttered car full of headshots in Los Angeles.Feel free to find more information at Los Angeles headshots.

You may wonder what an acting headshot is for.

It is, after all, one of the most crucial aspects of an actor’s career. When a casting director is casting advertisements, television shows, or films, they will look at hundreds of headshots to decide the actors to bring in for auditions.

Whether or not you get the role depends on a variety of factors, including your talent, chemistry with your co-star, how you look in front of the camera, and even the casting director’s mood on that particular day….yup, it is what it is.

Now, I wish I could demonstrate to you how quickly casting directors look at headshots; it takes just a second or two because they are flipping through a large number of acting headshots before BAM! They look for a headshot that suits the role they’re casting and with whom they can interact, stressing the significance of a professional, attention-getting acting headshot. Isn’t it true that your talent is worthless if you can’t even demonstrate it in an audition?

When casting commercials, it’s even worse because casting directors don’t have actual 8x10s on their desks to flip through; instead, they go through electronic applications, which means they’re staring at a computer display screen with a bunch of headshots on it, and if they catch the casting director’s eye, they’ll enlarge it; if not, you’re out.

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