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A hair salon or beauty parlor, sometimes even hair salon or beauty store, is a place dealing exclusively with hair-related treatments for both men and women. It is a very common place for all young people, especially teens to come and go to have their hair cut or style. Society Salon offers excellent info on this. Many hair salons are open almost every day so that people who are running on a tight schedule and don’t have much time can still get a hair cut or style at a hair salon. Hair cutting services provided by hair salons can include everything from coloring hair to cutting hair to performing hair surgery. Depending on the kind of hair salon one visits, they can cater to various kinds of hair styles. For instance, some hair salons may only be able to cut hair, while others can cut it and also style it.

One of the most common kinds of services offered at a beauty salon are hair coloring services. This service is usually provided by both male and female hair stylists. If someone wants to change hair color or to just make changes in hair color without having to undergo painful laser hair treatments, then a beauty salon is the best place to go to. Some beauty salons also provide styling services such as perms.
Hair perms can be done by hand at a beauty salon styling station. Depending on the length and texture of the client’s hair, the stylist can use combs, clips or razors to style the hair. Combs can be used to style hair from the front, back and sides, depending on the natural hair structure.